Starklinnemann Quintet, Vasilis Stefanopoulos, Paul Stark, Jonas Linnemann, Iman Spaargaren

When comparing music to pro sports, what is the meaning of winning the game?

For StarkLinnemann the equivalent to a gold medal at the Olympics is the degree of agelessness of a group’s music. As musicians and composers they are creating a style of their own by blending jazz- with elements of classical- and world music. StarkLinnemann compositions are a symbiosis between modern authentic rhythms and traditional sounds. Their definition of being an artist means to constantly push one self in order to reach the ultimate rendition of a work of art.

StarkLinnemann’s approach of transforming classical masterpieces by Liszt and Chopin into long and complex but coherent and moving modern jazz compositions is exceptional in jazz-history.

Chances are that StarkLinnemann will stand the test of time so that 150 years from now, people will still appreciate StarkLinnemann’s music!